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Re: [CDT-L] New member profile

Jonathan Willis Jarvis wrote:
> Just on the night before my imminent departure for Mexico to spend the
> winter there, I discovered this site.  So without having time to read
> all the introductory messges yet, I will just post this message to
> introduce myself to the CDT hinking community.
> I am male, retired age 56, used to living/hiking solo but interested in
> sharing a thru CDT hike  northbound next season '99 with a partner
> having similar goals, for our mutual support.
> My previous experience is a thru PCT hike in 94, averaging 22 mpd, but
> this time around I would like to slow down (my trail name is Willis
> Whoa) to about 15 mpd, with some quiet time each day to be aware of the
> surroundings.
> I  have lived without a home for the past six years, mostly in the
> sonoran desert of southwest Arizona in the fall or spring, Mexico in the
> winter, and high sierras or high desert of Montana in the summertime. I
> travel light, my pack load is about 15-20 lbs.
> My distinctive footwear is a pair of homemade Tarahumara 3-hole huarache
> sandals, made from a strip of rubber tire.  They don't do well in snow,
> however, so I may be obliged to squeeze my feet into a pair of sneakers,
> but one has to be prepared to make some sacrifices  for a goal like the
> CDT.
> Actually my goal is not to do the CDT per se, but I would  like to do a
> challenging hike, and the CDT is closer to my homeground than west coast
> or east coast.  I may  ramble over New Mexico  in April, May and some of
> June, before taking the CDT seriously in Colorado and beyond.
> My postal mail address where my brother will hold and forward paper mail
> is:
>   Jonathan Willis Whoa Jarvis
>   9601 Wagley Robertson Rd
>   Fort Worth, TX 76131
> See also http://profiles.yahoo.com/williswhoa
> See you later  -- Willis Whoa

Welcome to the CDt-l.  Too bad you're leaving so soon - you'd be able to
add a lot to the list, with your experience in Montana and desert
conditions.  CDT-L has been very quiet, but with the '99 season fast
approaching, I think it will get more active.  You're from my old
stomping grounds - I used to live in Tucson, began hiking in the Rincons
and Catalinas. I love the Sonoran desert. My husband, Jim, and I will be
out on the CDT next year. We had originally started with your idea, a
leisurely hike through New Mexico starting in April, but work demands
require us to stay put until June 1, so we'll be southbound instead. I
hope to see you along the way.  There will be a lot of us starting out
next year, including several PCT hikers that we know (Monk from '95,
Wolf from 95, 96 and 97, Dave Fleischman- '94 I think?) From what I've
read, the CDT is quite different from the PCT in a lot of ways - but  a
good challenge and a hike through some spectacular country. 
See you out there.
Ginny Owen
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